Are you ready for the easiest DIY project ever?! If not, get ready. This DIY project has been one of my easiest and most used DIY projects ever! It is absolutely adorable and so easy to make, my 18-month old son could probably do it...granted he doesn't try to eat the materials before hand (everything goes into that kid's mouth, I tell ya).

So what inspired me to make this you ask? I had been to Nordstrom recently and was looking all over for the perfect, simple, leather wrap choker.... I stumbled upon this simple one (picture below) and thought, "this will do!" Little did I know, I spent $40 on a faux, yes I said FAUX wrap choker with (you guessed it) plastic beads! I was outraged when I got home and reviewed my receipt. (I know, I know what you're did you walk out of the store and not realize you spent that much money on this little darn thing?) Well, truth be told, I am a busy woman these days and I literally had one Christmas shopping day this year without a kid attached to my hip, so I was buying everything insight! HA! Now that you know the situation, you understand why I couldn't keep this faux was too expensive and it wasn't even real! So...... this called for a run to Michael's to conquer the cutest and easiest DIY project ever!

FAUX necklace I bought at Nordstrom

Items Needed:

(I purchased all of them from Michaels-links below)

-Leather 3/16" thick 4yards by Bead Landing- $7.99 (unfortunately I can't find a link for this, here is something similar- leather)

-gold beads or metal ones $1.49 each case of 12

-fabric scissors (these I already had $15-$30)

All of these materials can make 2-4 necklaces for $10 total. "Boom goes the dynamite." April for the win over Nordstrom. ;-)

How to make it.

1. Take the leather, cut it to the length you desire. I cut mine to be 56 inches long.

2. Take fabric scissors, cut the leather at a slight angle, on each end, just enough so you can slide the beads on.

3. Pull the beads through the leather. Add as many as desired. I added two on each side.

4. Pull beads as far up on the leather as they will go to insure they don't fall off, or tie a knot at the ends, if you like that look.

5. Secure beads with small metal wire if desired. I left mine with out wire and secured them by applying a lot of force when I placed them onto the leather.

6. Say hello to your fabulous new real leather and gold metal bead wrap choker!

Go rock it girls!




Happy DIY!




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