Last Minute Semi-DIY Family Halloween Costumes-Shark Attack Halloween Costumes

It's Halloween and there's nothing I love more than coming up with costume ideas for the entire family. Truth be told, I'd love to spend all day crafting costumes but lets face it, I'm a working Mom of two now, so those days are long gone. But, that doesn't mean I can't come up with a cute idea and semi hand-make some of my family's halloween costumes right? Right! So, this year I decided we would be a shark attack scene!!!


The Shark: We put Ty in a store-bought shark costume this year. We got his costume from target, here is the link: shark costume. This costume got a lot of good reviews so we went with this one! I loved it on him and he felt comfortable, which was a plus for a toddler! It was only $25 and had free shipping. I ordered it online and it came to our house in 2 days!

The Surfer: Teddy was the shark bitten surfer. Seeing as last year I made him be/wear an itchy scarecrow costume from The Wizard of OZ, he requested that I "give him a break this year" and not "over do it" with blood or uncomfortable bandages. So, we kept it simple. Here is what we bought/had or made for his costume:




board shorts

flip flops


fake blood

medical tape

colored face paint

DIY Shark Bitten Surfboard


foam board

electrical tape



1. Take the foam board, draw half of a surfboard on it.

2. Cut the half surf board out with scissors or a box cutter. I used scissors because it was easier for me and I didn't want to risk cutting myself with box cutters.

3. Take a strip of electrical tape and run it down the front and the back side of the board.

4. Draw a bite mark on the lower left side of the board.

5. Cut out the bite mark.

6. Your surfboard is done!

Lifeguard: I decided to be the lifeguard because after just having a baby 7 weeks ago, I wasn't about to get into a swimsuit and be the surfer I looked online for real lifeguard clothes. I found a tank top, shorts, a whistle and an inflatable rescue can!

Here are the links to each item.

tank top



inflatable rescue can

converse shoes

Warning Shark Sighted Sign: Seeing as Turner is only 7 weeks old, I didn't want to put him in anything that would make him uncomfortable. I thought about making him a shark as well, but then decided a warning shark sighted shirt was perfect for him. I knew this wasn't a costume so that meant I had to run over to Michaels Craft Store to pick up some image transferring sheets. If you aren't familiar with what these are, they are printable iron-on sheets for fabrics. They allow you to make your own design then transfer them on to whatever cotton clothing piece you'd like.


Jolee's image transferring sheets





1.Find a Warning Shark Sighted image on the internet that you'd like to put on your shirt. We used this one: warning sign-shark sighted

2. Drag image to your desktop.

3. If you purchased the same sheets as we did, go to

4. Click on the "Get Started" image when you first open the page.

5. It will prompt you to create a login, create it.

6. Once you have a login, sign in.

7. Click on "images" then choose "upload"and select the image you dragged onto our desktop.

8. Once uploaded, change the size of the image to whatever you'd like. I went super small since our infant is going to be wearing it.

9. Press print. I recommend printing it first on regular paper to make sure you like the picture size, before printing the print transfer sheets. Do keep in mind that the image should print out backwards, this is because when we flip the image onto the fabric it needs to read correctly.

10. Once you are happy with the image size and made sure that the image is printing out backwards you are ready to go!

11. Insert the print transfer sheets into the printer making sure that the red lines on the paper are facing the opposite direction as your printers ink writer on your printer.

11. Print Image

12. Cut Image out

13. Iron image onto the shirt. Make sure you are on a flat surface. I'd recommend putting a towel under the shirt just to make sure the iron doesn't get the surrounding areas too hot.

14. Press firmly in all areas of the image for 1-2mins.

15. Once done, remove the the waxed paper that coated the image transfer sheet and you're done!


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